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Diamond K’s Magical Piper MH

Pete was whelped and is being trained and titled at Diamond K Kennels. Pete is a talented dog that became a 3 x GMPR in the fall of 2023. The only reason he is not 4 x is the APLA Hunt Test Season came to an end. Pete has it all. Disposition, intelligence, looks, off switch, and trainability.



Pete's Pedigree

Piper was whelped, trained and titled at Diamond K Kennels.  Piper is a very methodical dog in the upland with an absolutely beautiful, intense point. She is a good marking dog and runs great blinds. Her line manners are impeccable. She is Miss Personality in the kennel but all business when she trains and steps to the line at Hunt Tests. Very fun dog.  Diamond K Kennels is dedicated to training for and running in all three venues: APLA, HRC and AKC.


Piper's Pedigree



Anticipated Welp Date: May 1, 2024

Females: $1600.00

Males: $1400.00

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